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Hi, my name is Samara Morris. I'm an artist that loves to capture authentic photos of women

I was always inspired by the 80-90’s supermodel era, Cindy Crawford, Naomi Campbell, Helena Christensen etc. My passion is photography and being able to express yourself through the medium of art. A lot of my early work had a strong narrative and I always loved shooting women. My inspirations were quite diverse, from the power women of Helmut Newton, to Corinne Day’s intimate shots of Kate Moss, the fantastical world of David Lachapelle to the realness of David Bailey’s portraits.

However, after working for many years in the Fashion industry and going through a life changing event, I am in the process of taking my photography in a different direction. I don’t want to be putting out highly retouched images of women anymore, where their body shape has been amended, as I feel this is causing a negative impact on our society with regards to mental health. It is setting a bad example for our younger generation of women trying to achieve an unrealistic aim of perfection. In my opinion, it is also a contributing factor in some cases to anxiety, addiction and depression within our society and effecting the relationships we have with our ‘self’. 

I am in the process of studying a neuroscience based coaching degree, so I can combine this with my photography and help women with low self esteem / self worth and confidence issues. My intention with my coaching is to make women feel so accepting of themselves, they are able to live a life where they ‘feel’ airbrushed in real life and not photos. This is not to say they have to look perfect (what is perfect anyway?) but they ‘feel’ good about their ‘self’ just the way they are. 

I don’t graduate till March 2019 and my new site will be up in the New Year but I wanted to put this in my bio now as I feel I am in a position, as a female photographer, to make a difference.

As any artist will say “creating art is a meditative form in itself” my photography is my art. I am very grateful and passionate about what I do and to be able to start using my photography as art therapy to help women, makes it that little bit more incredible and has given me a real sense of purpose in life. 

If you have a brand that you feel resonates with my mission and / or are wanting to work with me on a 1-2-1 portrait basis then please get in touch.

“If you think you are too small to make a difference, try going to bed with a mosquito in the room”

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What they say
  • Shooting with Samara is one of the best experiences in front of a camera. She is not only friendly, funny and totally makes you feel relaxed from the moment you walk in but she also is so professional and clearly so very talented that you immediately know you are in amazing hands. Being a woman it is so incredible to have a female photographer who makes you feel so comfortable and knows how to get the best from her models. She always pushes me to my maximum and the photographs speak for themselves. Her direction is perfect and she knows exactly what makes a great shot and how to get it. It’s always fun, creative and exciting and she is an extremely skilled photographer who takes stunning pictures.

    – Kate Young – Gallows Ghost
  • Samara is a dream to work with. She is an excellent photographer. Her ability to capture a perfect moment is incredible, her photo is on my book cover. It was on the mock-up and it got such great response from the book sellers, we kept it as the final cover. Her intuitive way of working allows her to get the best out of you without the hard work. Working with Samara is effortless and leaves you feeling so full of energy and positivity. Her phone is ringing off the hook, she’s hot property!

    – Jody Shield – Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur
  • Samara always delivers above and beyond! She has shot 2 summer campaigns for my clothing website WEKOKO.com and the images are always fabulous! Samara always brings amazing energy to set and is great with direction to get the best out of the models. I can always rely of Samara to get outstanding fashion shots!

    – Ana Tanaka – Director WEKOKO.com
  • Samara is a dream to work with! A true talent who I trust implicitly with getting the perfect shot every time. Samara’s experience is clear, as she directs the models to ensure the most amazing photo’s! We always try and push the boundaries and some times work in stressful situations, Samara always takes on the challenge and delivers above and beyond. I can’t recommend her highly enough!

    – Nicky Brunt – Founder West Seventy Nine

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